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This stern looking lad is Andre Moynet. A proper chap, if ever there was one.

28 Décembre 2011 , Rédigé par francaislibres.over-blog.com Publié dans #FAFL

Sur une page facebook, une belle biographie d'André Moynet, FAFL et amateur de sports mécaniques (en anglais)


 "Born in 1921, Andre joined the French Air Force in 1939 and soon established himself as something of an Ace. Forced by the fortunes of war to depart his homeland, he became a member of Charles De Gaulle’s Free French forces and continued to fly into battle from bases in Britain and North Africa. Later he was seconded to the Russian Air Force, and ended the war flying Soviet Airacobras on the Eastern Front. In all, he notched up 150 hours of combat over 115 missions, and scored 12 “kills”. Including two FW190s and a train!

After the war he took up politics and rose to the position of Secretary of State for Youth Affairs. But he continued flying, having set himself up in business as an instructor as well as establishing himself as well respected test pilot. And it was in this capacity that he was to act as the co-pilot on the maiden flight of the Sud-Aviation Caravelle. In 1956, as an Air Force reservist, he was recalled, and flew another 76 missions during the Algerian uprising. And in 1963 he rounded off his aeronautical career by trying his hand at building a plane of his own. Developing the twin-engined, push-me-pull-you, Moynet Jupiter 360 in conjunction with Matra. A technical novelty, but sadly a commercial non-entity......"


La suite ici : http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=256599934524




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