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Commentaire sur "Un Anglais au Lorraine" :

21 Janvier 2012 , Rédigé par francaislibres.over-blog.com Publié dans #FAFL





Voici "en une" le commentaire laissé par Brian Mills à la page Widow’s pride at hero Bill’s wartime exploits (Un Anglais au "lorraine") 1ere partie du 25 octobre 2010 :



Hello My apologies for not writing in French! Mrs Sarah Morris has asked me to point out a few inaccuracies that appeared in the Bolton newspaper article that you republish here about her late husband, Bill Morris. His crew were serving with 88 Squadron when they volunteered to join 342 Lorraine Squadron. He was issued with the Group Lorraine Squadron badge to wear on his RAF tunic (along with an authorization document signed by Commandant Gorri, allowing him to do so). He also flew on operations commanded by Gorri. He received British war medals for his RAF service (but only when his wife applied for them 60 years later.) He received FAFL and Groupe Lorraine badges from the FAFL Association in Paris when the Sarah contacted them. She had asked the newspaper not to use the word 'hero' in the article as she knew that he would have been embarrassed by the description. He always considered himself to be an ordinary man who was just doing his job. I hope that his clears up any misunderstanding. Bill was proud to have served alongside such brave men. The more that I have learned about the Squadron, the more I have come to admire them too. Thank you also for featuring on your site the book that I helped Sarah write. “Bill Morris – A Lucky Life” is still available on ebay!


Best wishes


Brian Mills

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