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1/35e : 75mm battery- 1er RA "BirHakeim 1942"

25 Août 2011 , Rédigé par francaislibres.over-blog.com Publié dans #Modèlisme - Simulation - BD

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75mm battery- 1er RA "BirHakeim 1942"
By spring 1942, the southern flank of british 8th Army was defended by Free French Forces of 1st DFL located in south Lybia by Bir Hakeim area; amongst the french troops was the 1er RA , an artillery unit equiped with the famous french 75mm gun ,which resited fiercly to the Axis forces attacks; thus by stopping the Rommel's offensive ,it allowed allied troops to regroup in north Lybia and leads to the success of El Alamein battle.
This BVM set combine plastic 75mm gun(RPM) and figures(Masterbox) with a large set of resin parts to update and modified the 75mm gun into colonial version fitted with pneumatic tyres; it features new wheels, specific gun shield, gun breech, gun cradle, elevating system, wheels axle with traverse mecanism, hand wheel, gunsight,shell cases,etc.
The crew features 4 figures: 1 gun commander, 2 gunners and 1 bedouin from local troops; the french soldiers wear british desert uniform combined with french gears: kepi hat,water bottle, MAS 36 rifle and holsters.





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nordmann 23/10/2011 18:14

rien a voir avec B.H.

pas de bédoin

pas de képi afond rouge

équipe de pièce-1 chef de pièce

                1 pointeur

                1 tireur

                 1 chargeur

                  1 artificier

                  2   pourvoyeurs



           + 1 conducteur de tracteur.